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A main character in the teen girl books, The Clique Series, by Lisi Harrison. Claire Lyons is one of two non-rich members of the girls' clique, the Pretty Committee. She was originally the new, unpopular, unstylish, unrich girl who the Pretty Committee tormented for several months. Her family moved into the head of the Pretty Committee's (Massie Block) guesthouse, which made the girls hate her even more.
Somehow, she managed to become friends with them and join the Pretty Committee, Massie teaching her the values of the group: Stay popular, look gorgeous, find a HART boyfriend, and make people want to be you.
Claire, not being rich, can't always stay on the girls' good side, so she is constantly being picked on.
Claire Lyons seems like the only real girl in the Pretty Committee.
by Ann O'Nonymous June 27, 2008
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