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Made-of-win public school in Ottawa, Canada; formerly known as Ottawa Collegiate Institute. One of the top academic schools in the city, to the point that parents will camp out for several days to get their children a cross-boundary transfer into the school. Has a tradition of running over nearby schools in such areas as trivia, Nordic skiing, Latin, and musical ensembles. Not to be confused with Glebe CI, a similar nearby school which doesn't even bother to compete in any of these areas.
Lisgar CI is so nerdy, our school cheer starts with Greek letters!

Phi Chi Psi
Kappa Lambda Pi
Ae Protus Protus Ae
Hullaballoo Hullaballoo Hullaballoo Balaa
Lisgar Lisgar
Rah Rah Rah!
by TheKillerRabbit July 25, 2007
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