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A illusionary dance form that attempts fluid continous movement with a emphasis on the interplay between the arms and hands. One attempts to portray a illusion that a energy or "flow" is flowing through one's body. Many beleive this dance to have been popularized by a dance crew the Liquid Pop Collective. (Now the Digital Hybrid Experiment)

The origin of this dance is disputed and is said to have arrised from the use of glowsticks at Electronic Dance Music Festivals or from waving performed by poppers or funk style dancers.

Liquid is a constantly evolving dance style and consists of many techniques including:
"Liquid does NOT involve glowsticks... liquid is a dance, glowsticking is a totally seperate thing"
by ilietogirls May 19, 2005
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Similar to Raving, Liquid Dance is where the dance manipulates his body to flow as though liquid. Similar to Jello. This happens in clubs, raves and dances, along side breakdancing B-Boys and Ravers. Glowsticks are normally added into this process aswell.

<Disclaimer> If you are a mediocre dancer, leave this one to the professionals, as it makes you look stupid if not preformed correctly.
"If you dont wanna party, Then you should go home!" *Raver starts liquid dancing*
by Afterglow April 29, 2005
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A crazy type of dancing that only comes out of a person when they are drunk.
Although, there is no specific style of liquid dancing (because everyone's style is unique) liquid dancing is unmistakable.
An offshoot of liquid courage.

Rule of Thumb: The more shy the person is the more hilarious their liquid dancing will be.

Place of Origin: Athens, Greece: Spirit

"You ready for some liquid-dancing tonight! I'm gonna get smashed!"

"You were definitively liquid-dancing last night!"

"What the hell is she doing? She must be liquid Dancing."
by ANasca88 February 20, 2009
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