Defender and Prince of the tiny planet of Analeakage. Son of Flomax and Zoloft, Husband to Viagra. Left Analeakage in a deal with Galactus to become his Herald and to preserve analeakage. He travels the galaxy finding planets whose life force may feed Galactus, but miraculously he has been able to save a number of planets by influencing their healthcare lobbies and forcing people to ask your doctor, and by this some have them have even begun to lower their cholesterol.
1)Dr Jarvik tried to ingest Lipitor in the mistaken belief that this might give him an honest to goodness upper lip. Fortunately for prince Lipitor, he was able dissolve into Jarvik's stool until he could safely work his way into the water supply. The local fish population was none too happy about the resulting Analeakage.
by Jarviks heart January 15, 2008
A new generation of teens that are all highly addicted to the prescription drug(s) Lipitor and/or Glipizide.
Rapunzel and all his little homeboys are such Lipitor Squids.
Yeah, he’s woke AF but I don’t trust him he be poppin’ that Glipizide- he a straight up Lipitor Squid.
by GerthPaul December 4, 2020