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The sexy but sometimes worrying sensation which comes over women when they become sexually excited and know that their internal lubrication is beginning to flow and to seep into their vulval area, often in inappropriate or unfortunate circumstances.
"You know, Barney is just a dream - he loves me so much and he's the greatest boyfriend I could wish for."

"I know Cindy - I loved being Vittorio's date at the Prom, but if I'm honest, it's only Barney who gives me lip trickle."

"Hey Nicola, quit saying such a thing about my boyfriend, that's not right to say that."

"Hey sorry, Cindy, sorry, I was just being honest. I guess I still haven't got over him - I never had dry panties when we were together. Most days I used 2 pairs of spanties."

"OK , OK, that's enough information - let's change ends, it's your serve, and you're serving to save the set."
by Katie4eyes January 21, 2018
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