Person 1: Hi! I'm a linux user!
Person 2: Oh, you're a femboy or a furry?
by JamesnLollify October 26, 2022
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A Linux User is someone who knows either a somewhat amount about computers or a lot about computers and coding etc. Linux users use different forms of Linux. Some are Ubuntu Users, Debian Users, Arch Users, Manjaro Users, TAILS User and lots of others.
"What do you do on your computer?"
"I'm a Linux User, I do some simple coding and browse the internet"
"F*cking Nerd"
by iheartthecregg January 28, 2021
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Someone who uses Linux. Users are often known for being computer science nerds who really enjoy modifying and tinkering with computers. This is in no way bad, and they are often confused with elitists who thinks everyone should use Linux and that you're "cringe" if you don't.
Bob: What OS do you use?
Bill: I'm a Linux user, you?
Bob: I use Windows
Bill: Nice
by Call911ForRobux August 8, 2023
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Why We Say We Use Linux: Privacy, Open Source, Free Software, Software Freedom, "iT pUtS mE iN cHaRgE oF mY cOmPuTeR"

Why We Actually Use Linux: so i can make my computer look like r/unixporn
Linux users are a group of computer software geeks that use open source software because its better.
by /bin/urmom/ April 20, 2022
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An annoying person that whines about how they keep screwing up the Windows OS, and then say "wow linux is so cool" and get bored with their system...
The linux user had made another urbandictionary definition about how much Linux is better than windows
by Wooh00 December 19, 2006
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