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see: not exclusive

A relationship which seemingly to one of the parties (that would be the non-Linn) is of an exclusive art. This is not the case. Normal behavior in say Norway, or anywhere the game can be played out.

Linn is commonly known as a major league player, and while guys like to believe that they've found a sweet and charming girl (by all means, Linn is both sweet and charming!), they have however not caught on to the fact that she has a very special way of living out relationships' exclusivity, by say, not being exclusive at all.

Many a guy has been tricked.

Many a guy has been hurt... Luckily for Linn they're usually far away.

A guy in every harbor, or as Linn would say "a guy who's stupid enough to be led on".

Anyone who has a hard time being a one-guy girl can be labelled a follower of Linn exclusivity.
Random guy (let's not get started on names):
Yeah, I met this really cute girl, Linn, and we're dating exclusively!!

Someone smarter than that: Dear friend, if by exclusive you mean that you're not dating anyone else, and Linn is dating anyone else, I do believe you're right!!

Random guy: STFU!!! Don't tell me that's Linn exclusive Linn?! Maaaaan, this sucks.. She seems so nice!

The smart guy: Yup, she's reaaal friendly. That's Linn exclusive for ya.
by Exxxxxclusive July 30, 2009
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