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Lindz is definitely a party person. Shes outgoing funny always up for trying something new. Great laugh adorable and very lovable. Lindz will often get anything she wants.

Lindz is EXTREMELY beautiful! Has an amazing body and usually makes every girl within a 20 mile radius jealous. Her eyes are her best feature. They are amazingly beautiful and tend to change color. She is creative smart army strong hooah and charming. Shes the kind of person you would be sitting with in jail laughing about the nights adventures. She is good at giving advice and can pull through hard times with a smile. She gives everyone a chance even if they dont deserve it. Cute and romantic, wraps guys around her finger in seconds. If you go out with Lindz be careful to bring her back in one piece. Watch out this girl can become extremely frisky; tends to make every night an unforgettable adventure. Although Lindz parties hard at night she always repents the next day; will surely end up being the perfect wife mother and role model.

Lindz somehow always manages to make you believe and have hope when you feel that everything was lost. She can make you smile even when things are so shitty it seems like you will never be happy again. Shes the one you get in trouble with and the one who helps you get out of it again. You can always depend on her no matter what time it is. She catches you when you fall and wont let go. Lindz truly is a great person hardcore partyer and bestest friend.
Hey check out that chick! She's gotta be a Lindzzz!

What adventure shall we have with Lindzzz tonight??

Damn, we messed up didn't we Lindzzz? But that was fun as hell!!!!

If only I could be more like Lindzzz....

You should be a model....but you're still not as hott as Lindzzz.

I can't believe you just said that! Oh wait, it's Lindzzz....i CAN believe it.

You might be thinking it, but Lindzzz just said it.

I love you Lindzzz!!!!!!!!!
by Lecsi Lou February 13, 2010
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