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The daughter of Satan,

The hellspawn of Evil,

the bringer of Death, Plague and all manners of bad juju.

She is a hot chick who likes to eat hearts and bathe in blood. Her house is the entrance to Hell, each room containing over 1,000 things that could kill you...
Her henchmen are large portly buggers who carry axes and wear pig heads as masks.

She has a body to die for, and chances are you will. She can shoot lazer beams outta her eyes and anything she touches turns to ash.
Also has the ability to control spiders...her 'final form' resembles a large mutant spider cross with something from a clive barker movie.

She is a known witch, turning people inside out and stuff. Her broomstick is a human spine, skull and the pelvic bone.
He 'wand' is a massive guitar looking thing that shoot a number of projectiles including 'zombies'.

Any man or woman who comes in contact with her, falls under her spell...
They bend to her will, and bow the the ways of her music.

Nicknames include: Darksoul The Heartless, She Who Must Not Be Named, She-Devil of Darkness and Gothica

She is set to bring about the apocalypse, and nothing on earth can stop her...Not even Chuck Norris!
Guy: Woah look at that hot chick!
Hobo: Nah sonny, thats LINDSIA, shes all kinds of bad news...
*both die*

Guy: Did you hear about Brad? That chick LINDSIA totally killed him...he got ate!
by Jor-Reno September 08, 2009
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