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A School located in Linden, Michigan full of people that will never amount to anything. Approximately 80% of the students have tried marijuana and of those that have tried, 90% smoke it regularly because they are losers. The football team is pretty much the only good part of the school, having won a majority of the regular season games, but then end up getting their assholes eaten out in a disgusting manner during the playoffs, esp. during the 2010 playoffs when the starting quarterback threw more passes for touchdowns to the Goodrich Martians, than to his own team. Students fit into one or more of the following categories: Jock; Douchebag; Prep; Whore; Pothead; Loner; Bitch; Obnoxious; or Smart-ass. Those who graduate from Linden usually remain in the area until they die because they are all racist pricks who would get their pussies ripped in half if they were to go to a major city.
Student 1: "What school do you go to?"
Student 2: "Linden High School (Michigan)."
Student 1: "Really?"
Student 2: "Yea, why?"
Student 1: "That means you're a fucking loser. Bye."
by formereagle July 24, 2011
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