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A stupid little hick-town in a stupid little hick-state. Famous for crappy cops who'll bust you for loitering (on a good day) but completely ignore a murder (i.e. that trucker who "had a heart attack" after being stabbed with a broken beer bottle in a parking lot. Died of "natural causes". bullshit.) The types of people in Lincoln are: for females; whores, prostitutes, sluts, alcoholics, and stoners. for males; douchebags, dicks, man-whores, broke-ass slobs, and, again, alcoholics and stoners, with the occasional crack-cocaine addict.
The new girl's from Lincoln, Maine
Yeah, I heard she only left because her dad murdered some guy and she's pregnant.
What?? She's a freshman!
And? She's from Lincoln.
by thathonestbitch December 10, 2010
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