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A beautiful, kind and sensative Arabic girl. She is always making someone laugh with her sense of humor. A Ninja with style. She always smiles; even when in pain. She is only crazy when someone upsets her. She gets defensive and is very family oriented. A very generous and thoughtful person with a heart of gold. Just don't get her mad.
Limya is my homegirl!
by Ninjasheart November 13, 2012
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Limya is smart, friendly and funny female with a pretty smile. Very fun to be with. Sweet , sensitive, loyal and kind hearted girl to others. Her name means "Dark Lips" in Arabic. Honesty and being Generous is what she is all about. She has lots of patience. Family oriented and she loves her religion with strong faith. And she appreciates Life. She hates to see Liars. She loves to be artistic and creative. One day she is active and then lazy the next day. Day dreams too much. She can also act wild at times, and is defensive. Truly a one of a kind lady.
I know a "Limya" when I see one!!
by OhSoRandom November 18, 2012
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Limya means in 2 different things in Arabic, "A Female fighting warrior on a horse." The name also means "A woman of dark lips." The Arabic name Limya can be spelled 3 different ways: Limya, Lemya or Lamya. (can be spelled with or without the "h" at the end of the name.
My Arabic friend Limya is cool.
by Justafriend November 19, 2012
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