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A sexually loose 16ish year old female, usually in track as a long distance runner. These girls tend to hook up with pathetic newbs at parties. These girls often get stalkers and do stupid things called limenut moments. These girls also tend to pretend to be interested in a phone, watch or article of clothing as an excuse to touch guys. These girls crave attention and prey on younger guys.
Example Sentence: Hey everybody look, it's Limenut!

Examples: emily

by Dean Rice January 30, 2009
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A girl who is beautiful, as well as being a great friend and a person everyone loves. She is usually very athletic, most of the time she loves to run for track. Also she is one of those people who people tend to involve her in their lives of drama and blame her for their problems, which isn't right. Finally she is the girl of everyones dreams.
No Examples needed, just go find your own Limenut.
by limenut lover February 01, 2009
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