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Lim Laum defies traditional description, but it is easily recognized when seen. The following definitions are lim laum, but lim laum is not limited by these definitions.

1 Pseudo spiritual musings, often involving gemmy gem crystals, karma, mantas, or Jesus. Lim Laum is frequently practiced by, but not limited to, Heady heads. Included under this discussion are such topics as astrology, salvation, karma,
2 Pseudo scientific musings. Bullshit.
3 Conspiracy theories (that aren't true)
1 Elsa likes to praise Shiva before every hit on the chillum. That's pretty lim laum, but at least she's cute.
2 The natural foods gathering was great... but then the organizers began speaking about the evils of cooked foods. Having experienced the ravages of dysentery and tropical disease, I concluded that this was a bunch of lim laum and left.
3 Darrel was discussing the role of the masons in poisoning our water supply and dropping aluminum into our air via chemtrails. I can't prove him wrong but it sounds kind of lim laum to me.
by black cloud February 05, 2009
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