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Lily Kaufman. Commonly referred to as "that amazing girl over there. yeah, that one."

Amazing, Beautiful, a Poophead.

One can't start talking about a Lily Kaufman without breaking out into painful spasms. One can try, but one won't get far. It is her inconceivable amount of amazingness that renders the speaker unable to speak without letting out an un-called for, high-pitched squeak that the Lily Kaufman will undoubtedly promptly make fun of. A Lily Kaufman typically befriends a man-thing by the name of Natin, and Natin ends up loving her very much. In the rare case of said Natin moving to somewhere like...i don't know...Georgia, Natin will have a very tough time getting over her. So tough, in fact, that he won't even try because he knows how rare and special a Lily Kaufman is. If a Lily Kaufman is reading this right now, Natin would like her to know that he (she?) loves her very much and if she IS reading this, that means that Natin is sitting right next to her, most likely smiling at the wall. If Lily Kaufman would so kindly punch Natin in the balls to snap him out of his reverie, Natin would like to give a surprise to her.
A Natin a day makes Lily Kaufman say gayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
by werbenvanjensen December 06, 2010
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