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Lily Day is the day that we celebrate the awesomeness of the Lilys, Lilians, or Lils of the world. It is held on the 9th of August, and was first created in 1995.
These people are seriously awesome, radiating pure awesomeness, and have deserved their own day for a very long time. Lily's are generally under-appriciated, they are sweet, kind creatures that survive by being overly-generous, selfless, smart and beautiful. Only the most attractive of their race survive. They are a incredibly rare and indangered species, that need to be cared for, loved, then slowly released back into the wild. If you should ever come accross a Lily, don't make any sudden movements, as the Lily is very clumsy and will startle, trip over it's own feet and then fall when taken by surprise.
Lily Day needs to be celebrated with chocolate and smiley faces.
Wow, Lil is seriously awesome and I love her soooooooo much. We need to have a day in her honour! It shall be awesome, and is hearby known as Lily Day!!
by Sir Marbles the Crazy July 14, 2011
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