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The belief that women and girls can be as demanding, manipulative, or abusive as they please, as long as they put out enough for their significant other. Women who display Lily Aldrin Syndrome will usually flaunt how much they enjoy sex and will use sex to make up for wrongdoings, as opposed to apologizing or changing their actions. Women with Lily Aldrin Syndrome do a disservice not only to the men unfortunate enough to be their significant other, but also to other women because they perpetuate the myth that women to not inherently enjoy or desire sex, usually regarding themselves as the "exception to the rule".

Lily Aldrin Syndrome is named after the character Lily Aldrin in the TV show "How I Met Your Mother". Lily is as emotionally manipulative as Barney, if not more so, but it's okay because she's a woman who likes sex.
Girl: "Yeah, so I got drunk at the party last Saturday and accidentally fucked my boyfriend's hot friend"
Guy: "That's horrible!"
Girl: "It's okay tho, my boyfriend and I had make-up sex and now everything is ok"
Guy (thinking): "That's some Lily Aldrin Syndrome if I've ever seen it"
by TheScreenIsDarkAndFullOfErrors September 15, 2016
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