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A pathetic fat lonely 30 year old that fills her time with acting like a gangsta on a online game. Is known for falling in love with people she has never met and sending out nudes for points. She is the biggest back stabbing two faced liar on mofo and has hid behind every gang she could. She talks shit about others in a attempt to make herself feel better about her sad existence. She is your typical fat girl bully that everyone hates but are to afraid to let it be known in fear she might sit on them and suffocate them. She falls in love with any man that remotely showers her with attention then crashes when they see her real pic and leave.
WTF that bitch thinking she so much better then everyone else look at her...she is being a lil mafia.

She has no life besides the internet she looks like a Lil Mafia.
by Truth Teller Forever March 27, 2013
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