Someone who swims in the pussy
“Lil’ Fish
They call me Lil’ Fish ‘cause I be swimming in that pussy”
- Meek Mill
by Lil’Fish March 11, 2019
Hey Lil Fish Means 'Hey Lil Bitch' Or 'Hey Lil Hoe' . Whenever You Come Across A Hoe , You Greet Them With That Term
Opposite Of Hey Lil Fish: Hoe , Smut , Bitch
Zyeef : "Hey Lil Fishhh !"
Kayla : Boy Don't Play With Me!
Zyeef : Word You My Lil Fish Cannon
by Logann215 March 29, 2017
Yo I was listening to lil Stanky fish’s new song and my house burnt down because it was so fire!!
by MasterTDJ February 4, 2020