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One of the sirens of Greek legend; Edgar Allen Poe Character; Woman infatuated with having long throbbing black cocks stuffed snugly in her dripping wet pussy and lightly lubed ass; Bukakke aficionado and participant; Inventor of the cum omelette
"That bitch has got one bruvah fuckin her pussy, and another bruvah with his cock in her ass! Straight-up gettin her Ligeia on!"
by Poe L. Rider May 12, 2010
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a siren of legend whose hypnotic song of erotically arousing lyrics of threesomes inspires stone-like erections in hapless men, followed by an all consuming desire to devour her pussy at great length, then pound it into submission doggystyle until she wails in ecstacy
Dude, did you see that girl? She just looked at me and I jizzed in my pants...what a Ligeia!
by Maurius February 03, 2010
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