Derogatory term for someone who adopts the superficial trappings of a political ideology or movement, particularly anarchism, without being dedicated to the cause. Originates from the term "lifestyle anarchist" coined by Murray Bookchin.
Mr. Molotov: "Hey did you hear that Joe Everyman now calls himself an anarchist?

Mrs. Cocktail: "Yeah but he's just a lifestylist punk who's more concerned about getting high and tagging everything he sees with a spray can as a finger to 'the Establishment' rather than getting himself involved in any real politics in his local area or anywhere.
by Gnowos April 1, 2018
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A person who acts as a resource for improved lifestyle choices. One who promotes positive lifestyle habits and practices. Similar to a life coach.
My lifestylist is an inspiration to me so that I can understand myself better, communicate better and try fun new things in life!
by Sereezy December 28, 2016
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