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Lifestyle Discussion Regular: a G-chan user. One that has a significant amount of posts in the LD forum and is frequently found posting in these forums.

LD Reg Guild Lurker: a user who has abandoned the LD upon being invited/founding this prestigious guild. Prefers to post completely random things and complain in the guild. Most of the posts are ranty whiney ones about how the LD is a shithole of trolls and misplaced posts.

Ex: Mortok, The Gay Science, Daimin VonRavenstone, most people in the LD regulars guild

LD Forum Whore: a user who spends 98% of their time on Gaia posting in every single topic that comes up. 80% of everything they post can be heard spewing from a spastic Japanese schoolgirl. Typically found with +5000 posts in the LD, sig pics, and crushtags.

Ex: Maeora, no other example avaliable

LD Forum Mods: Clearly some of the biggest wankers on G-chan. They block and ban with reckless abandon. Can be identified by a bright ass username color and ducebaggy attitude about forum rules and the ability to ban your ass for posting comments about how much of a faggot they are for blocking your main.

Ex: any LD mod
Lifestyle Discussion Regular: Mortok, The Gay Science, Daimin VonRavenstone, Maeora
by shit brixx March 16, 2010
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