A.K.A World of Warcraft, because of its unscrupulous ability to have you addicted to the point of consuming a large or even complete entity of your life.
Rob: Why haven't you posted those reports I issued to you?
John: Oh sorry, I just got a little sidetracked.
Rob: Life.exe again?
John: Unfortunately yes.
by Jimmison! January 16, 2009
A file that is completely missing Gamer Brain, Which causes their life to get consumed by games, symptoms that indicate you haven't installed Life.exe include: Lack of Time, Scolding from parents, Bad Grades, Lack of social interest, lack of social interaction, Lack of relationships, Eye irritation, Neck pain and a few other symptoms. Life.exe is essential to avoid getting you're life consumed by a game.
Josh: Man, I got bad grades this semester, my dad sold my PS4and my girlfriend left me..
Brian: Well, If you installed Life.exe this wouldn't have happened
by Fartlord22 March 12, 2017