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Life-coach syndroom- term used to describe a common condition some people suffer due to involving themselves in all kinds of self-improvement seminars, buying loads of crap books, full of catchy, commercialized terms and display their syndrom while talking to others by constantly reffering to read advices and calling upon motivational phrases.

coach-victimes are the blind followers who fall for the fake wisdom of the so-called coaches or people who were actually quite o.k. but due to too much contact with coaches got slowly brainwashed and lost their sense of judgement.

The area where coaches seeks their victimes are many, beware of men aged 40-50 who due to life crisis change their profession and become life coaches and start preaching mixing their christian dogma with succes formula.
Nowadays many of severe impotent man aged 45-55 assume rol of life-coach and keeps in touch with a younger woman usually from former eastblok countries to impress them with their knowledge.

Coaches divide humanity in two sections: people that are coachable and people that are not coachable
This sexually frustrated guy from the local company passed by for cup of tea, bullshitting about responsibility you got to take for your life. Right, his tax debt is due, car broke down, wife hooking up with any random guy at her work. Now he is playing for a life saver that himself can't swim. His dicking around is clearly Life-coach syndrom
by cantelini September 28, 2009
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