A lord or sovereign to whom allegiance and service are due according to feudal law, a man of rank in the ancient regime. Also used in sex role play.
Lord Alex, my liege, I am your loyal servant for ever and always. Lord Alex, please grant me, your loyal servant, yet another spanking for my misbehavior.
by Hulio-Culio August 5, 2013
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A group drunks who live (or have lived, or know someone that lived) in Liege, Belgium who drink and live by the Liege Fucker rules. Liege Fuckers are commonly found in le carré meeting Sale Putes.

Liege Fuckers are also found in Lethbridge, Canada where they reside at The Duke. They have been known to sing drunk kareoke, destroy Blarney Stones and pull donuts shitty drunk in the parking lot at Dennys. LF's can also commonly be found going on long drunk benders, usually lasting 5-8 days. Some Liege Fuckers have lost their shoes.

Jupilerand Kokanee are the official drinks of the Liege Fuckers - they do not drink tea. The official homes of the the Liege Fuckers are Le Carré and The Duke. Although they have been known to go to the Roadhouse and ICE on occasion. The Liege Fuckers do not like Ezzies, but go there sometimes for the Sale Putes.

The key rules of the Liege Fuckers are:

Go hard or go home, and Say NO to gros cageots!
Putain! That looser is drinking tea at the bar, he definetly is not a Liege Fucker
by Liege Fucker April 8, 2006
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