Characterized by being very well versed in the 'cunni linguistics', these bi-peds subsist mainly on fur and early morning dew. A human animal traced back to ramapithicine descent of approximately 10 million years, the Lickolotopus is said to possess extreme endurance in the mandibular musculature with large lips and an over sized tongue. Modern specimens are easily identified as having a 'glazed' appearance of the chin and upper lip.

The male variety are indicated by the virutes of granting moustache rides for 5 cents, pissing blood, bird-dogging bush and banging beaver.

Females are otherwise known as lipstick lesbians, bull dikes or butch bitches - in any event all specimens will spend a majority of thier awake lives yodeling in various canyons.
Daugher: mom, i know im supposed to like boys- but i find myself wanting to explore the cunts of other girls... am I gay...??

Mother: (playfully laughing)... No hunny, not at all... You're a Lickolotopus..!
by Skip Daddy September 25, 2003
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