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As opposed to Royally Fucked, someone is Librarily Fucked when they lose library books that were to be returned a long time ago. Typically, these books will have been stolen, forgotten on a bus or at a café or simply gone. One is Librarily Fucked when or if the library sends multiple demands for the books return, and one has developed an irrational fear of walking past the building in which the library is situated.
"-Shit, this is my fourth notice to return that book. I don't know where it is! -Man, you are librarily fucked."

"John opened the mailbox and saw the red letters on the envelope. With trembling hands, he realized he was librarily fucked."

"-Will you go to the library with me?

- Sorry dude, I'm librarily fucked. I can't go near that place."
by Librarily Fucked nr 1 January 11, 2011
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