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Not to be confused with PIMP SLAP/ Pimp Smack

The slap that induces/allows freedom.

The moments after a Liberty Slap are filled with great magnificence and patriotism.

Normally covered with loud shouting to hide the fact that said slap was a liberty slap.

Known fans of liberty slap,

GI JOE, SALT, CAPTAIN AMERICA , JAMES BOND , Charlies Angels and other movies where the guy/girl gets tied up and breaks free later
At the end of the movie SALT, when the black guy was on the helicopter with Angelina Jolie and she was handcuffed, the black guy gave her a Liberty Slap and her handcuffs were undone. In the spur of the moment, Angelina Jolie was able to rip open the helicopter door and fall around a 100 feet into a icy cold water, swim ashore and run out of the camera's field of vision.

Guy 1: Shit man, my bitch ran away yesterday.
Guy 2: Well, maybe if you didn't Liberty Smack her she would still be here.
Guy 1: Naw man, she mixed up the Pimp smack with the Liberty Slap
by Yourmumlah August 19, 2010
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