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Liberal Canadians exist primarily in Eastern Canada, where there are no jobs. This however is not always the case. Some of the smarter Liberal Canadians have packed up and moved West in recent years in hopes of changing the hearts and minds of Conservative Western Canadians. These attempts have proved futile at best.

Liberal Canadians also feel the need to hold small protests about generally irrelevant things. Some of the issues Liberal Canadians feel the need to protest include, but are not limited to: helping the homeless, police beatings, perceived racism, big business, energy supplies and global wars. Liberal Canadians like to sit on theirs hands and collect welfare and take little or no personal responsibility for their own lives. They generally speaking like to bitch and moan about allot of things, but offer nothing in the way of real world, workable solutions.

Liberal Canadians can be found anywhere Socialist, "I know better then you" types are found, primarily in sub-standard coffee houses. If a Liberal Canadian is spotted in your area, there are a few things you can do to refute their big government polices. First of all, buy a gun. Liberals dislike guns because they feel that becoming a victim of violent crime is a better option then trying to defend against it. Additionally, do not donate any food stuffs or currency to Liberal Canadians. Direct them to the nearest welfare office if you don't already know where it is.
Conservatives are vastly superior to Liberal Canadians
by Conservative Canadian January 09, 2010
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