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A giant bear that roams libraries everywhere looking for kids to eat. The libeary can also shrink itself to hide behind books so that when you pull out a book, it hops out and eats you. Then you are stuck inside the libeary's tummy forever.
Little Johnny: "Finally!" (breathes in air) "the libeary!"
Librarian: "No, you silly goose! this isn't the libeary!"
Little Johnny: "Oh...well, where IS the libeary?!"
Librarian: "I'll show you the libeary if you be REAL quiet."
Little Johnny: "Right Oh, Libearian!"
Librarian: "Okay, THERE is the libeary."
Little Johnny: "AHHHH!" (runs out of library screaming)
by Grace2598 February 07, 2010
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