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Liauna is one of the most beautiful people in the whole world. If you are lucky enough to be her friend than treat her like she deserves. Without her you will fall apart. Liauna always brings a smile to everyones faces and can make anyone laugh. Often Liauna(s) can be known as the way to happy person, but in reality, everyone loves her because of her positive attitude. Never tell a Liauna she is to happy, because that can make her feel extremely self conscious

and can lead to her being not so happy. Liauna easily makes every day worthwhile. Liauna is very attractive and has beautiful eyes. She is a soulmate for life and will never chose a boy over her friends (most of the time). Lots of girls are jealous of Liauna because she has the power to never judge anyone and always is nice. Someone called Liauna is actually the best friend you can have.
Girl 1: Liauna is an inspiration.

Girl 2: You should act like Liauna!

Girl 3: Liauna, you’re looking good today.
by ye_lovem May 16, 2018
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