see dyke

A really butchy, usually fat, lesbian. The ones with the shaved heads and plaid shirts. Somewhat derived from the Terminator in that he was a robot.
Holy fuck, watch your mouth or that lezbot will terminate you like Arnold.
by Shepwan September 13, 2006
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the equivalent of a lesbian only creepier. A lezbot like to talk to women at parties, feed them drinks in order to recieve hickeys from them. Lezbot's like to wear skivvy's and look creepy 24/7.
Beside all these negatives traits, apparently raping babies is not on their agenda.
No 1: hey lezbot, you've had a bit to drink..
Lezbot: yeah...
No 1: you look like death.. like a mummy..
Lezbot: (misinterpreting "mummy" for "mother") no, raping babies is not on my agenda.

Example 2:

No 1 to No 2: hey, look at that lezbot over there checking out that old lady!!
Lezbot: mmmm, gotta get me a piece of that!
by UberChav March 21, 2009
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Generally a girl with freckles and blonde hair, likes vagina, and other female reproductive organs. This Lezbot enjoys reading books and also likes touching clitoris'.
When someone is being a weirdo, portraying lesbian-like actions - "your such a Lezbot bronte"
by Lezbotron3000 July 10, 2011
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