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Also known as "Alexandra-Pain-Syndrome"; Is a serious high case of lust for a female who emotionally has a sensitive guy pulled by the chains. During stage 2 of the results, it later develops into the patient being in dire need of it's random love, especially at night during 3AM in the morning, but is not sent back none due to it's lack of interest for the sick host's heart. Symptoms include a jab at the self-esteem, porn, masturbation, jealously over random guys you think she might want to have sex with, abruptly dreading about her unknown whereabouts throughout the day, stalkish-like behavior caused from the infection and a strange source of addiction to her ruthlessness abandonment even though the host tries to resist the denial. 90% of vulnerable males suffer upon this academic distress everyday and can easily treat the illness whenever deployed into the dating game with a anti-dose of: "MAN THE F#$% UP!!!"
Cornelius: Man, ever since my bootycall girlfriend moved out of her dad's house to attend college, I haven't gotten a call or text back from her or nothing. I can't help but to think about her everyday even though I know she's ignoring me and screwing somebody else. I'm so lady lusted.

Andy: So, when you would text her, you would get nothing back?

Cornelius: NOTHING!

Andy: Looks like you have the series case of Lexi-Pain-Syndrome, buddy.

Cornelius: Of what?!

Andy: Just read the definition.
by The Denzel Smile November 08, 2010
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