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Title given to the Lewsadder family many years ago for a soldiers act of courage in a battle that clashed for many long night in the dreary icy rain. The soldier's (Lewsadder) first name was Lucian, a young man around the age of 16 who fought in the Crusades. Lucian was born in Germany and fought for the German soldiers. The reason Lucian was given the title "Lewsadder" was of his act of valor and he saved the Queen's nephew Gregory Toppen from execution by the Kim clan. After Lucian received his title he married the Duke of York's daughter Kendra Sears. Unfortunately a grave tragedy befell Lucian. Gregory had taken a keen liking to his best friend's (Lucian) new wife. As Gregory became more aquatinted with Kendra he attempted to assassinate the brave soldier Lucian by stabbing his heart with a broadsword. The dying soldier stood up and took out his sword while slowly suffocating to death and beheaded Gregory in an epic duel. Kendra came out to Lucian with watery eyes and kneeled over the slowly dying body of Lucian. As her tears slowly descended onto his face Lucian reached up and touched held he hand. He smiled and closed his eyes "goodbye my love..." was all he said before entering eternal slumber.
Lewsadder was a story that originated in Germany during the Crusade era. A tragedy
by Roxas Cromell May 17, 2009
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