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A code used by self absorbed women who repeatedly cheat on every boyfriend or husband they have ever had. Levels of Love can be detected by terrible excuses.

Level 1 - Sleeping with someone she met at a party - "I don't want to talk about last night. Can we just forget about it, please?"
Level 2 - Spent the weekend out of town with a friend with benefits - "I was taking care of a sick friend all weekend."
Level 3 - Hooked up with an ex-boyfriend - "Had dinner with my old boyfriend then helped him move boxes."
Level 4 - Went home with a guy who tipped well - "I got really drunk while working the bar and stayed at a friend's last night."
Level 5 - Hooked up with her ex-boyfriend again - "I slept over his house because he had air conditioning."
Level 6 - Oh the humanity! Too horrible to mention.
Fran: "I asked how her friend's party went last night and she said she wanted to forget about it and not talk about it ever again."
Dave: "Oh dude! She must have bumped uglies with someone at the party. She's using the Levels of Love code. Drop her before you're on her STD train."
by dunagain10 September 04, 2012
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