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The level 12 paladin is the symbol of ultimate power. He is undefeated, and undefeatable. Not even a level 13, or 14 paladin can beat him, and especially not dragons. His main appearance was in a thread that started with this story:

Ye Gammingtothemax gathers his dragons and their dragon babbys. He planeth to use their awesome dragonness to conquer the world, for he is a dragon fanatic, and to quote ye Gamming "well there awesome." Gamming realizeth that being a dragon emperor warlord he need not know proper grammar nor spelling, for he truimpeth none the less. Leading his army of dragons, ye Gamming charges across ye lands of the Kingdom of Lesser Intelligence. As he and his dragon companions venture from land to land, they come across what seems to be a man. He is no normal man though, for he is the holiest of thy holy men - a paladin. He is not a normal paladin either, no, he is a level 12 paladin. The Dragon Emperor Warlord and the Level 12 Paladin stare each other down. Ye paladin tells Gamming that he is trespassing on his land, and also that his name is mispelled. Ye Gamming responds with a simple XD. The two continue to stare, preparing for what is about to happen...

Ye paladin destroys all of the dragons except for one, casts holy shield, and grabs GTM and has the last dragon engulf them both with fire.
An army of about 5000 level 60 dragons, warriors, warlocks, rogues, and mages once charged a single level 12 paladin. The funeral bill for 5000 graves was insane.

LvL 12 Paladin is above godlike in UT And well beyond Wicked Sick, we're talking never been fragged once.
by Level 11 skeleton December 11, 2006
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