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Used for when you are absolutely stuck with no way of progressing any further towards reaching your goal or completing a certain task. When you can't see a way forward and despite hours of frustration.

Named after the hardest level on the popular mobile game, Candy Crush. Level 65 is the first great stumbling point on the epic journey through over 300+ levels. None are more difficult than the time stealing, money making, gamer killer - level 65 - just ask the many millions of players worldwide that are currently stuck on this level.
Guy 1: "I've been working on this project for the last two weeks but I just can't get my head around this one section, I've tried so many things and I just can't get past it! - I'm about to give up"

Guy 2: "Level 65 right there..."
by candycrushed June 11, 2013
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