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The most lion-like of the male names, though in character, more reminiscent of an electric eel. Friends call Leo, while lovers call Levani. They are the type of gentlemen who have mastered the art of seduction, with the perfect balance of push/pull that keeps a girl either “in love” or “in tears”, but always wanting more. Levani’s tend to accomplish this through their command of discourse, applying the appropriate amount of sarcasm, humor, subtlety, and wit to all outlets of communication. Tend to be well-rounded individuals, from savvy tech skills to cage fighting aptitude. More layered than an onion, and always in the top 2%.
Individual one: Ha! I have conquered in Scrabble yet again!
Individual two: Well done, my friend. You play with Levani-like deftness.
by megustabubbles December 27, 2010
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