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A queening stool is a low "toilet-style" seat which fits over a submissive lesbian's face and contains an opening to allow oral-genital-anal stimulation of the Lesbian Dominatrix while seated. The queening stool features full access to the dominatrix's crotch by their lesbian slave.

This seated position allows the dominatrix's pelvic floor muscles to sag and relax ... and so exposes the dominatrix's entire pussy and rectum to intimate lesbian service.

Sometimes the dominatrix will enhance this girl-sex play by actually urinating and/or defecating into/on her sex slave's mouth and face. (Hollywood rumors suggest this is a favorite ritual of Paris Hilton.)
During a heavy night of lesbian bondage, Paris Hilton got so wasted and drunk she overconed a lesbian groupie while on her diamond-studded, platinum-plated, $100,000 Lesbian Queening Stool. The poor girl-slave's (Allison) face looked like a broken sewer main!
by Clitlynn ( February 21, 2009
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