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A Lesbian Dominatrix or Lesbian Mistress is a woman who takes the dominant role in lesbian bondage and discipline, dominance and submission (BDSM).

Activities performed on her lesbian slaves include severe, restrictive bomdage/gagging, public humiliation, pussy/pussy-smell worship, forced toilet-sex, face-sitting, inverted suspension, hot-wax punishment ... and pussy, rectum, sex-gland and bladder torture, etc.

I think Clitlynn ( is really turning into a Lesbian Dominatrix. She recently seduced Stephanie, tied her up and gagged her with her used pantyhose then beat the shit out of her. Then pissed in Stephanie's willing mouth before she force buttfucked her with her 12" hot-pink strap-on.

by Clitlynn ( February 23, 2009
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