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Lesana is a spanish name that it's not too common but a Lesana is lovable person that always knows what she wants and that once she falls in love with that one guy that she likes she will never let go because she sticks to her feelings. She also tends to hide her feelings from her EX often but she will still give him signs that she still loves him no matter what if she still likes him. A Lesana its always afraid to get hurt and thats something guys tend to forget or not see. A Lesana has a nice body with beautiful curves she also it's really pretty with a nice smile. A Lesana it's a nice and kind girl that loves to help around she also loves to party. She loves going for older guys that are a year or two years older than her.
Him: Lesana te quiero mucho

Her: te quiero mucho tambien but that doesn't mean i love you it just means that i like you alot OKAY?!

*She is too afraid to show her feelings towards him even though she loves him because she dosent want to end up getting hurt at the end.
by siempreelyyo July 20, 2011
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