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1. Noun; When you are trying to decide wether to say unicorn, or lephrichaun, and you say leprichorn instead (sometimes words can be difficult)

2. Noun; the most magical, powerful, and beutiful creature in the universe

3. The most durable and strong material in existence

4. Adj; pretty, majestic, almighty
1. John: this boat is made out of leprichorns!
Aidan: leprichorns? You fool!

2. Aidan: Ewww! What is that hideous creature?!

John: Are you insane? Thats a majestic leprichorn!

3. Aidan: why isnt that boat broken? You smashed it into a rock!
John: because it is made out of leprichorns of course!

4. John: hey look at that car! It looks like a leprichorn! Wow!
by MarkNutt - suck my nutt March 19, 2016
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