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A combination of legendary and epic.

An experience that is:
- beyond ordinary
- worthy of a story for years to come
- a moment in time, that cannot be defined by any other word, or combination of words.

Pronounced: LE - PIC
Nate and David had a lepic week.

Monday: They attended a friend's Birthday at Firehaus. They ordered 4 fish bowl's and 2 fire hydrants.

Tuesday: They went out to Joe's for 90's night, and ended up in Firehaus again with two shark bowls. The night ended with some great food at Zyggyz.

Wedneday: They went out for David's 1/2 Birthday to CO's, Kam's and Joes.

Thursday: David went on a mini barcrawl. He attended two pre-games and went to Legnends, Brothers and Murphy's. Nate enjoyed the night with 4 beers at Murphy's.

Friday: They downtown for a Brazilian Carneval Party. The night included an excellent Woodchuck with Patty at Blind Pig, and ended at an excellent dinner, Marry Ann's.

Saturday: They attended an Indian dancing party at the Union. Both of their feet were sore, and blistered by the end - but the tradition was well worth it.

Sunday: Rest and Relaxation.

That was a lepic week.
by Joesph William Smith February 26, 2009
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When you feel so much love for your best friend its epic.
"You're my best friend.. my love for you is epic"
"Omg... its LEPIC"
"Yes. I lepic you."
by awesomeJJ February 20, 2010
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