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A female user on GameFaqs.A strong republican who views will probaby never change. She is also one out of two girls in the evil republican party(started by FlamingSchoolBus) on the War on Terrerism board. (The other female evil republican is Dark Knightness)

As you can tell by her user name she also loves FFX-2.


My name is LENNE not LEANNE!
by LenneandShuyin4ever December 26, 2004
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Lenne is one of the select few female posters on the War on Terrorism board at GameFaqs. This leads to verbal rape by the other WoTers. She holds her beliefs close, but she's quite nice at the same time.
Lenne is going to be the first female President Pro Tempore of the Senate.

"Lenne, don't click on that link!"
by The Koutetsu's Edge January 06, 2005
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