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The word is originally derived from a Crooked cop named Jonathan lemkin, Best known for stealing an instagram page named "TheUnnaturals" and claiming it his own by saying "I'm the real face of the unnaturals" which is not true. Lemkinism refers to lying, robbery, zionism and cockroach alike characteristics (mentally and physically "like having extremely skinny calves")
Jonathan lemkin also known as Johnny Limpdick is known for taking Tren for 20 years and still looking like absolute dogshit. Not only that, but he also sold bunk lemkinese gear to young kids that just started going to the gym. He also was a policeman but got fired when he got caught up with 2 kilos of coke and a dildo stuck in his fartbox. He also called the piss lord Janoy Cresva a retard and also called a youtuber named Cassady Campbell out for having a shit physique despite weight training for a long time.
*a random dude with a jewfro, counting his shekles carefully, scratches and sniffs his bum and wears a khaki bermuda pants*

You notice his actions and whisper to your friend
- "omg look at this lemkinism"
by pisstrooper101 May 19, 2018
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