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An overtly irate and untrusting girl. She is overly sensitive and subject to abrupt mood swings. Despite her flaws, she is sweet and caring. She is bright, motivated and tenacious. She is also extremely beautiful with an exotic and unique look that is surpassed only by the content of her character. She has the most incredible booty the world has ever seen, though only a select few ever have. She's certainly a freak when she decides to be and her drive for physicality is unmatched.

Despite the obstacles and hinderances that Lella places in the way, one cannot help but love her and enjoy being around her.
That girl makes me crazy, she's nuts, but I love being with her. Dam, what a Lella.

I'd rather fight with her than make love to someone else, freaking Lella...
by count of monte-cristo February 04, 2010
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