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Nick names Jenny, Lilly, Crackhead. Likes to get fucked by homeless guys. Drinks tequila and gets horny and wants to fuck everybody. Brayden's girlfriend. Smokes weed and is a crackhead.
Lelianna is a hoe

Lelianna likes to fuck homeless guys

Gees Lelianna is a hoe
by NotTheFakeXXXTENTACION April 11, 2017
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Lelianna is the most beautiful person you will ever meet! she has black hair and caramel skin and thinks she is black (BRRRT). She is a THOT. She has a weird fetish for young, sexy crippled men and sits with her legs in the air hoping a soft crippled dick will magically appear inside. Although if you mention this to her she denies this because she is dumb and has no future. (Fuckin weirdo) she is one of a kind and i don't mean that in a good way.strange.helpless.sexless hoe. She is the most relatable person there is and is a stranger things fannnn! though she thinks she has and ass and thinks she is THICCCC, unfortunately she is not (more like a pancake, dumb bitch) she has a weird sense of humour and is everyone's best friend, but talks a ton of shit!!!! like a ton. like there is a ton then their is a TON (she just talks a lot of shit) FIRE,FIRE,FIRE i flipping hate FIRE it destroys everything and is so dumb and and ugh. she is like the nicest person ever and knows everything socially but on an academic level......not so much (ouch). She is a HOE and a THOT plus a LITTLE BITCH but i still lover her because its a VVVVVIRGIN law.
Lelianna is a hoe thats all their is to it.
by therealchipmunk123456 May 19, 2018
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