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A Leisure Gangster, aka "LG", is NOT to be confused with the Gangster. Nor does the term represent any connection to the mafia, however organized crime is widely accepted in this catagory. The Leisure G is more closely related to the Thug but has unique qualities listed as follows:
1. Their loose/baggy apparel and/or chain(s) are not for show, only comfort and security
2. Their personality is extremely laid back and reserved
3. Any situation life throws at them is handled in a calm, smart, and proactive way
4. They feel no need to impress anybody but themselves, which can also be a potential weakness in some cases.
5. Their ultimate goal in life, as well as on a day-to-day basis, is to achieve a state of complete relaxation. To be stress-free
6. As calm and serene as they are, they are not to be messed with or taken advantage of, for doing so WILL result in the most severe of consequences
7. They have NO regrets
LG's appear to be loners due to the struggles they are facing because they NEVER let their problems become anybody else's business; however this fact may be misleading in that they will often have a wide network of friends expanding into all or most 'groups,' 'cliques,' or 'posses' in any given area. They are like the friendly and lovable teddy bears of the community who will murder you if they are squeezed the wrong way. They are all about quick and simple solutions, and live today like there is no tomorrow.
-I heard that guy had his ex's house robbed and trashed, is he really that much of an asshole?
-She was cheating on him. Despite his ghetto and incriminating appearance, he's actually a pretty nice guy. Look at him now, happy and without a care in the world... thats a true Leisure Gangster.
by GoodBettrBest February 27, 2011
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