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Leijah is very cute and can get guys very easily with her good looks. She has a very nice personality with video games in her brain and love in her heart. All guys love her. So, get u a leijah, guys. Maybe the relationship she has now is the best thing that has ever happened to her. And she loves him with all her heart cuz he is loving and very adorable.
Leijah is the hottest girl alive.
by Unicorn is bae March 29, 2018
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This girl is beautiful and talented, and boys, watch out she will come steal your heart. Leijah is there for whoever and she is loyal, she won't break any friendship or relationship. She might be sad but when she is she still cares for others. She is the one for you if you are trying to look for a friend.
Leijah is known to be the bestest of friends. When she is in a. Relationship, she will make all the boys happy.
by Unicorn is bae February 04, 2018
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Leijah. A term for ordering foods, particularly in McDonaldโ€™s or Burger King. Also a name of a girl I think.
Hey can I order a mcleijah?
by Dakota.l April 24, 2018
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