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He is a PROBLEM that cannot be solved. He is known as Mr. Steal your Wife. Usually has brown eyes with an Afro. Laughs alone, plays games with himself on the bosses chair. He dry. He tall and narrow. Loves Shoes and rugby balls. Always Single. Eats a lot but stays narrow. Usually a fitness freak and thinks hes big but actually he narrow. Gluten intolerant. Lactose intolerant. people intolerant. Dog lover. Wears a lot of Beanies. Usually afraid of females and commitment. The one night stand type. Loves dancing but never does. He a size 10 shoe. He narrow, but he tall though. Loves staring into your eyes. Naturally emotional. He a drinker of holy water. On weekends you will find him at a certain pub, eating a pizza. Loves the high life cause he tall and narrow.
Lehor, You tall and Narrow.
by SillyAC May 24, 2018
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